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The transformational 1-1

Get images that are mesmerising,

by expressing more of you.

Do you want to become more comfortable in front of a camera? No fake smiles, no forced poses. 

This shoot is about freeing up and expressing your natural empowered beauty. 

20200613_Adrienne Zest_-7.jpg

Experience yourself as the beauty that you've always been. 

The biggest misconception is that you aren't beautiful just as you are. In reality, nothing is more powerful, attractive and unstoppable than a being on a mission, owning their power. 


At the start of the shoot I set up the space and help you to arrive in your body.  From there I'll help you connect to your innocent playfulness in a guided process. Here the real magic begins!

Reclaim your power

Are you ready to make peace with old stories and conditioning that keep you small? Let's clear them out. To list a few:

  • I'm not photogenic enough

  • I look fake in front of a camera

  • Unhealthy body expectations

  • I should change to be attractive

  • Feeling guilty for being yourself

  • Play is less important than work

  • My full expression scares others away

  • My dreams are to big


Become more of who you always have been.


Freedom has been my number one fascination and motivation. It makes me want to move and thrive forward. It's my personal fuel for growth, adventure and breaking free from limiting boxes. 

What I love the most is to support people on their journey into freedom by providing a safe space to evolve and to facilitate in their un-conditioning process. 

What I love the most is to support people on their journey into freedom

Listen to what others say about their experience.


"She captures the exact essence of the person, feeling and moment "

 Celeste is not only a great photographer, she is also an amazing allround human.

She made me feel incredible welcome and safe immediately.

You can feel her passion with every shot. In fire photography it difficult to get both, the flame, the art and the person right in one photo but Capture my Spirit does exactly that: captures it all!

Working and being with her also means a lot of fun, giggles and creative brainstorming. Absolutely recommend this one and am so proud that I had the chance to work with her.

- Leonie Löwenherz | Acro, Flow & Fire

How this works

Follow these 3 simple steps & you're good to go. 

20200208_Anniversary Celeste_without log

2: Shootingday

We see each other at the location you choose. 

I guide you into a grounding intentional practise. So you can sink into your body and  tap into your creative expression. From there I witness, support and capture your experience.


1:  Book a call

Say YES! to yourself and your own revolution. Book a call and we clarify the intentions, location, date and how to prepare for your shoot. 

3:  Selection

We make meet online to review and select the images you would like to receive. I do the final edit based on your selection. When finished, you receive an e-mail to download them in high resolution.

Nothing becomes real until it's experienced - John Keats

First time

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