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Retreat & Event Photography

Photos that translate the depth of the human experience.
Combining the art of space holding, brand strategy & photography

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What if it's all possible?

Hi love,

You're here because you organize life-changing experiences.

I know, the depth of experiences goes beyond words & needs precision to be captured in a way that does the experience justice.


In the first place, it can be a complex decision whether to allow a camera or not. On one hand, wanting to share the life-changing experiences you create,  that the world so badly needs.


On the other hand: wanting to honor the experience of the people participating without interruption or taking away from their experience. 

What if it's possible to have it all?

With my background in facilitating transformational spaces. I know how to be attuned to the field. While making photos AND keeping your marketing strategy in mind. 


 More than 'just photos'


Photo Ninja

Drawing from my experience in facilitating ceremonies & trauma work to contribute to the field. Without the camera being a distraction.



You want somebody to piece the puzzle together. Aligning your vision, essence & strategy of your brand in authentic content that attracts. 

Authentic Branding

Documenting the experience for what it. 


A photo says more than 1000 words.

Tell your story beyond words. 

Nothing becomes real until it's experienced - John Keats
Mountain Ridge
20221229-untitled shoot.jpg


Mountain Ridge
20221229-untitled shoot.jpg


Mountain Ridge
20221229-untitled shoot.jpg


Mountain Ridge
20221229-untitled shoot.jpg

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