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Brand Embodiment

Branded Photobank | Soulful Portraits | Promo shots
Imagery that matches your essence & business strategy. 

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Let your message be felt.

Hi love,

I know you're here because you're on a mission that's bigger than you.

You carry an important message for the world that needs to be FELT to be understood.

Photography is a powerful way to share your message way beyond words


& it's more...


Photos have the ability to attract whatever is a vibrational match to what's portrayed.

That's why intention & attention are everything in the creation process. 

Share your message beyond words.

We're match made in content heaven if:

  • You want somebody to piece the puzzle together. Aligning your vision, essence & strategy of your brand in authentic content that attracts.

  • You want to be encouraged, nourished & guided into authentic expression.

  • You struggle with expressing authentically in front of a camera.

  • You want cohesion in your brand. 

  • You're in service to something that's way bigger than you.

  • You love the idea of a photo shoot with a ceremonial approach.

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Where purpose & imagery come together. 

Born as a very sensitive being, I use my superpower to pick up on the energetical nuances of both you and your brand & translate them into visual images. 

With a background in commercial branding, hosting ceremonial spaces & trauma work. It's second nature to create spaces for radical self-expression & align
imagery with business strategy.

It's more than 'just' a photoshoot...

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In the 1.5-hour strategy session upfront, we clarify the strategy, locations & focus of your shoot.


Leaving you with a mood board that empowers your business strategy & speaks volumes."* Mini shoot excluded**

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In the opening ritual with cacao

(or tea), we set the stage for an intentional experience.


During the ritual, you'll be guided, held & encouraged to connect to your body & your truth.  

20200119_Momentom_Malin_Celeste Veurman-10_edited.jpg


Once you're connected to your inner world. You'll be guided to find the safety within to give expression to your inner landscape.


Tell your story beyond words.

20221229-untitled shoot.jpg

What others say


"Her ability to play with ideas, to inspire, build a concept and bring these ideas to flourish through her lens is impressive!"
- Anna Kießer | Path Weav

When you meet someone, where the exchange, the communication just flows, is easy, effortless. When you feel safe and seen.


When you start to unfold, the space to create, express freely and meet different parts of yourself is opening up. That’s the experience I had when I was working with Celeste. 

She was walking with me, next to me, capturing the wonderful moments, the atmosphere we created together.

Her ability to play with ideas, to inspire, build a concept and bring these ideas to flourish through her lense is impressive!

Thank you so much Celeste for working with me and helping me to bring my project to life!


- Anna Kießer | Path Weavers

The process.

Follow these 3 steps & you're good to go. 

2: Day of the shoot

We meet each at the location you choose. We open with a opening ritual to connect to your intention and to arrive in your body.  From there I support & guide you, so you can fully surrender in expression while I capture your experience.

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Schedule a call to discuss shoot details, including intentions, location, date, and preparation. We'll also book your brand strategy session during the call. To secure your slot, you'll receive a payment link for a 50% deposit.

1:  Book a call

3:  Selection

You receive the photos in Google Drive with a watermark. You select the purchased amount.


An upgrade of your package will be available at this time. In case you want additional photos or purchase the full set.


After your selection. I send you the final invoice. After payment, you receive an e-mail to download your pictures free of watermarks in high resolution.

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From the body

""To Embody is to put into a body an idea or spirit, to give a concrete form."