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Bridge your essence with your mission
into a photographic anchor. 

Brand Embodiment | 1:1 Photography rituals | Event & Retreat Photography

It's more than 'just' photos

(Brand) Embodiment

To convey expression, I merge space-holding & body-based practices, so that photos reveal the depth of the experience without camera distraction.

Authentic imagery


No fake smiles or forced-looking poses.

It's about capturing your natural expression.


My trauma-informed approach to photography aims to empower, guide & nourish you to find the safety within to freely express all of you. 

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What others say

In 5 years I portrayed over 200 businesses, 50 ceremonies  & thousands of humans in over 23 countries. 


"Her ability to play with ideas, to inspire, build a concept and bring these ideas to flourish through her lens is impressive!"
- Anna Kießer | Path Weav

When you meet someone, where the exchange, the communication just flows, is easy, effortless. When you feel safe and seen.


When you start to unfold, the space to create, express freely and meet different parts of yourself is opening up. That’s the experience I had when I was working with Celeste. 

She was walking with me, next to me, capturing the wonderful moments, the atmosphere we created together.

Her ability to play with ideas, to inspire, build a concept and bring these ideas to flourish through her lense is impressive!

Thank you so much Celeste for working with me and helping me to bring my project to life!


- Anna Kießer | Path Weavers


Why you do(n't)
want to work with me. 

Hi love! I'm Celeste December,


I am all about truth & capturing the natural beauty of a moment. So, if you're looking for a photographer to get yourself, your brand, or your event portrayed as it is- I'm your woman.

With a background in facilitating ceremonial spaces & a career in organizing & branding big events. I bring a diverse skillset of a marketing eye, medicine facilitator & photography ninja. Very helpful for branded, unusual, soulful photos & ritualistic photo experiences. 


If you're just looking for someone to click you some fast photos & edit them in all sorts of manipulating ways - don't call me.

What others experienced


3 types of photography sessions

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