Celeste December
Spirited photography

The experience

Get images that are mesmerizing,
by expressing more of you.

Do you want to become more comfortable in front of a camera? No fake smiles, no forced poses. 

This shoot is about freeing up and capturing your natural empowered beauty. It's an experience in which you'll be guided to bring out the most of you.

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Experience yourself as the beauty that you've always been. 

The biggest misconception is that you aren't beautiful just as you are.


During the shoot, you'll be supported to be as much of yourself as you can be so that you get images that attract what matches your essence.

I use my background as a transformational coach to help you connect deeply to yourself.

Reclaim your power

Are you ready to make peace with old stories that keep you small? Let's clear them out. To list a few:

  • I'm not photogenic enough

  • I look fake in front of a camera

  • Unhealthy body expectations

  • I should change to be attractive

  • Feeling guilty for being yourself

  • I am awkward in front of a camera

  • My full expression scares others away

  • I'm not beautiful 


Become more of who you always have been.


My aim is to create images that reflect who you are underneath the masks: your true essence. No fake smiles, no forced poses.


It's you, me, a camera, and combined creative input, while I hold and guide you through the shoot. My approach is playful, light & ceremonial. It's a true experience in which you're hold & encouraged to be all of you. 

NO fake smiles or forced poses.

What others say about their experience.


"This experience I won't forget & keeps inspiring me within my personal life."

- Joe Desrue 

"This wasn't just a photoshoot, from the beginning to the end Celeste held a beautiful safe container for me to allow and express my true self without any mental restrictions.


Knowing her coaching background as well she intuitively used all her skills to reach the essence of what I wanted to express through the pictures. 

I must say I was in trance.

An experience that I won't forget that keeps inspiring me today within my personal life."


- Joe Desrue 

Book a call and we clarify the intentions, location, date, and how to prepare for your shoot. 

3:  Selection

We make a rough selection of the pictures you like right after the shoot. I do the final edit based on your selection. You receive the edited images with a watermark & decide if you want the purchased amount or want to have additional photos. You let me know & I sent you the invoice. After payment, I send you an e-mail to download your pictures in high resolution.

How this works

Follow these 3 simple steps & you're good to go. 

20200208_Anniversary Celeste_without log

2: Day of the shoot

We meet each other at the location you choose. We have a ceremony at the beginning in which 

you'll be guided into a grounding exercise, so you can sink into your body.

From there I support & guide you, so you can fully surrender to the experience while I capture your experience.


1:  Book a call

Nothing becomes real until it's experienced - John Keats

Hey, I'm Celeste

I'm a highly unorthodox mentor and spirited photographer for badasses with ambition. 

I use my eyes for branding and background as a transformational facilitator a lot to get the images that represent your (brand)essence. 

The right image says more than 1000 words and what you send out is what you attract...

It's the art and my pleasure to capture exactly what you want to attract. 

Being successful by simply being more of YOU - is my motto.


Why you do(n't)
want to work with me. 

Throw Pippi Longstocking, a business mind, 

and a shamanic ritual in the mix and you'll get a sense of whom you're working with. 

I'm a rebel don't play by the rules. My shoots are playful, intuitive and a place for radical self-expression. 


How the pictures turn out is directly related to how comfortable you feel, that's why I pay a lot of attention to your experience. 

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First time
Personal use

Sprouting Entrepreneur 

The Pro -
Picture database

10 Pictures Package  -  €330 EUR

20 Pictures Package  -  €700 EUR

50 Pictures Package  -  €1.800 EUR

  • A call to plan your session

  • Guided practice at the start

  • Guidance during the shoot

  • Includes 10 high-res edited pictures

  • Additional €300 for the full set of edited pictures or €120 EUR per 4.

  • Up to 1 hour of photography

  • Online photograph selection meeting

  • A call to plan your session

  • Analyses of your socials so that images match your branding.

  • Guided practice at the start

  • Guidance during the shoot

  • Includes 20 high-res edited pictures

  • Additional €300 for the full set of edited pictures or €120 EUR per 4.

  • Up to 1,5 hours of photography

  • *Prices are excl. 21% taxes if applicable

  • A call to plan and schedule your session

  • 1-hour In-depth analysis of your brand to plan out your personal database of pictures & personal vision board. 

  • Up to 3 hours of photography

  • A guided practice at the start

  • Guidance during the shoot

  • Includes 50 selected high-resolution edited pictures.

  • Additional €300 for the full set of edited pictures or €120 EUR per 4.

  • *Prices are excl. 21% taxes if applicable

  • Additional option: custom brand filter for you to create cohesion in your imagery: €800 EUR


I captured over: 100 businesses, 50 events and 1000's of individuals worldwide...