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A  1:1 photography ritual


It's more than 'just photos'

My trauma-informed approach to photography aims to empower, guide & nourish you to find the safety within to freely express all of you.

Where photography & ritual unite. 

This photoshoot experience is an intentional playfield for self-expression. 


Created to bring out your natural confidence & beauty through embodiment practices & ceremony. 


Which gives space for your inner world to come out and play. AND true smiles to emerge.

Embody your nature

 This is for you if:

  • You find it challenging to express yourself authentically in front of a camera.

  • You want to embody your own powerful natural beauty. 

  • You want to be supported, guided, and nourished to bring out your truest self. 

  • You like to approach self-expression as sacred. This experience is a ceremony of self-expression. With a photographic anchor as the outcome. 

  • You want to celebrate all layers of yourself. 


Activate & celebrate the parts of you that are ready to be seen. 

Drawing on my background in somatic healing & facilitating ceremonial spaces. You'll be held in softness and guided, encouraged, and nourished to find the safety in which even your most tender and vulnerable parts feel safe. 

The 3 foundations of this photography ritual.

1. Ritual

In the opening ritual with cacao

(or tea), we set the stage for an intentional experience.

During the ritual, you'll be guided, held & encouraged to connect to your body & your truth.  


2. Embodiment

In order to express something you need to BE it & therefore FEEL it. 

You'll be guided throughout the whole experience to express yourself from your core so that your photos reflect your inner world. 


3. Authenticity

This experience is designed for the ones struggling with expressing authentically in front of a camera & desire to be held, guided

& encouraged to do so. 


A playfield to express your essence.


NO fake smiles or forced looking poses.

It's a ceremony
of self-expression.

At the start of the photo shoot, you'll be invited into your body in a guided experience. 

During the shoot, the focus is on your experience & keeping the connection to yourself & your truth. 

How the pictures turn out is directly related to how comfortable you feel, that's why I pay a lot of attention to your experience.  

20221229-untitled shoot.jpg

What others say


"To be truly seen by other women is something extraordinary yet so primal"- Líva Vino

My intention was to gift myself my raw spirit, to capture my playfulness and willingness to be as free as possible, to be most natural to be most in tune with nature.


What I didn’t know then was how this shoot will actually change my life- since then I’ve been a full advocate for #nudeisnormal + #freethenipple & have been part of my friend's nude projects + done my own nude photoshoots of my feminine friends.


The space Celeste created & captured brought me so much inspiration it keeps rippling in multiverse. I'm endlessly grateful for Celeste, her creativity & excitement to push the limit further.


- Líva Vino

The process.

Follow these 3 steps & you're good to go. 

2: Day of the shoot

We meet each at the location you choose. We open with a  guided exercise to arrive in your body.  From there I support & guide you, so you can fully surrender in expression while I capture your experience.

Book a call & we clarify the intentions, location, date, and how to prepare. You'll get a payment link for a 50% deposit, to secure your slot.

1:  Book a call

3:  Selection

You receive the photos in Google Drive with a watermark. You select the purchased amount. An upgrade of your package will be available at this time. In case you want additional photos or purchase the full set.


After your selection. I send you the final invoice. After payment, you receive an e-mail to download your pictures free of watermarks in high resolution.